Thursday, 7 November 2013

7th May 2013.... A couple at last!

So, we are finally a couple which is great..... BUT..... That means actually TELLING people... ARGH!!!!! Our friends at uni were easy to tell because rumours had been going around long enough that when we eventually put paid to the rumours and admitted that it was actually true, nobody was that surprised and not one person was upset or shocked, infact, everyone was so thrilled and pleased as apparently we make a wonderful, sweet couple! Our family however is a separate issue and I could be here all day going through that sh*tstorm but I won't - To cut a long story short, the majority of the family is more than happy with us, no problems at all..... But there is one exception, my mother! She is struggling with the fact that her daughter has become a 'lesbian' even though she hasn't *whispers* she's actually bi-sexual but anything in her eyes where a girl is with a girl appears to be a lesbian regardless of what you say.... Mind you, she's never said anything about it this is just what I've managed to gage from various family members as the typical person in denial of course doesn't bother to actually talk or confront the issue!! But annnnnyway, I could go on about my mother for a long time and still have more to say so it's probably best I stop now before I bore you all (she says hopefully thinking people will actually read which I think is debatable!) and drive you into insanity about my mother!

So, we're a couple that has been accepted in general by the majority of our clan, we've taken our exams, we've moved into our student house for next year and the summer holidays are about to start!

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