Friday, 8 November 2013


Oh my GOODNESS... Was I actually engaged?! Could it actually finally be happening?! You know, I think it is! No doubt you want to know our proposal story so here it is - I'm afraid it's a very boring one unfortunately but early on in the summer we started talking about married. We both knew that we were with 'the one' and it was never a case of if but when! We started looking around for engagement rings that we liked and eventually we found two rings that we both liked.... Once they were ordered, we decided that we would put them in their respective boxes and store them safely in the safe until Christmas Day when we'd get engaged officially..... Well, as you can imagine that didn't happen because as soon as they arrived in store and we tried them on, we didn't want to take them off! This left us in a bit of a predicament though because according to the family, we'd only been together since May which isn't exactly long in their eyes and given the fact not everyone was happy, we were understandably a little apprehensive of telling 'certain' people but it had to be done so we bit the bullet and told my parents over the phone while they were on holiday..... Our thinking was wait until they are home from the evening quiz at the pub, catch them after a few pints and with them being abroad, there's no way they can stop me!!! They took it surprisingly well and after that it was easy. We wrote more letters to all my family telling them of our good news and although some were a little surprised everyone of them promised that as long as I was happy, then so were they and they'd support me! This was more than I could ever have dreamt of so now it's onto the best part..... WEDDING PLANNING!!!!!!!!

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