Thursday, 7 November 2013

Friends with benefits!

From then on it was very easy, secretly we were friends with benefits meaning we had the perks of the bedroom without any of the emotional stuff but still keeping our friendship.... Or so we thought. At the start, it was great fun sneaking about and just having fun. We came to the Easter holidays and secretly we were both heartbroken to be parted again but this time it was only for 10 days because we both caved and I came up to Surrey and spent the rest of the holidays with Debbie and her lovely, adorable family! During the holidays though, we were involved in quite a serious car crash resulting in me dislocating my knee among other things and Debbie suffering from very bad whiplash..... That was the start of the realization for us - We knew that we couldn't go on much longer as we were and if we did, it would tear us apart. Despite knowing this, it still took us 3 weeks to have the dreaded, anticipated 'talk'! We finally sat down and had a heart-to-heart one night in early May and we actually talked about that alien thing; FEELINGS!!! Never before had we done that about us, what a strange thing to do... 2 best friends actually talking?? Heaven forbid!! But anyway, I digress.... As a result of this night long conversation, we finally became a proper, genuine, bonafide COUPLE - HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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