Thursday, 7 November 2013

Where it all began....

Picture this, it's 4th June 2012 and 2 girls who had never met before started chatting online on a group for freshers going to uni that September. One in Surrey, the other in Dorset started criticizing HM The Queen's Jubilee Concert performers. The whole evening was filled with frantic typing, giggling and awaited replies from the other but most importantly it was the first time in a very long time that we both genuinely smiled, laughed and felt happy. We had both been through tough times over the last few years but here we were chatting as though we'd known each other our whole lives when in reality, it was barely a few hours. We opened up, we confided and we both realized that we'd found that person that understood 'me'. Little did we know that it was a friendship that would last a lifetime and without realizing it, we had just met our future spouse...

So you may ask what happened next? Well, over the next 2.5 months we chatted for hours upon hours about everything and anything from how annoying our families were to how I wanted to kill all the seagulls until eventually it came to the night before results day for Debbie and that's when I proved myself as a genuine friend. I stayed up all night talking on Facebook trying to keep her calm until the morning but our patience was rewarded though because at 8.30am, I got the message I'd been waiting for all summer to hear - Debbie had got into Canterbury Christ Church University as well!!!

Now that we'd both had places confirmed, we both went into planning for uni mode and we decided that we'd see if each other were real and not crazy aliens trying to lure us away from the safety of our houses! So despite some reservations and a fair bit of lying on both our parts, Debbie made the journey down to Dorset to stay the weekend and meet me! When she finally came trundling up the hill wearily (baring in mind it took 5 hours because of the bank holiday and the Great Dorset Steam Fair!), it was unanimous that we were both pleased that we were who we said we were.... That evening, I cooked up a breakfast for us both and we laughed over monopoly, wine and cupcakes until the early hours and that was just the start of our long friendship to come. All we needed was for university to start and we were away!

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