Thursday, 7 November 2013

An interesting summer and start to uni.....

So we've moved into our student house but we can't actually LIVE there until 1st September... Don't ask! Because of that, the whole summer we are moving from Surrey to Dorset never really settling. To start with, we traipse down to Dorset at the beginning of July and luckily we both fall into jobs; me into my old nursing job and Debbie gets bar work at a pub (for a grand total of 2 days!) and more bar work at a holiday park.... Great yes?! Well it would be if the boss wasn't such a bitch!! We plodded on for several more weeks until eventually admitting defeat... Debbie's Dad was ill and we'd lost all independence there, not to mention feeling uneasy in the house because my mother wasn't quite adjusted to my new situation so we tottered back up to Surrey for the rest of the holidays but there were many good moments that summer.... Debbie was accepted unquestioningly by my whole family - She was invited to Sarah's 18th birthday celebrations (my not so beloved sister who I'm sort of starting to like!) and also to my cousin's wedding at the beginning of August which meant so much to me because it meant that we were like any other couple there, in love and most importantly ACCEPTED!! The last thing good moment was pretty monumental because we felt that the time was right and...... WE GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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