Thursday, 7 November 2013

A Christmas full of change!

The Christmas holidays started and for the first time since uni started, we'd been separated, we weren't at each others side 24/7 and we weren't enjoying it at all! We didn't really have much contact because Debbie and her family were ill for most of the holidays so she was on nurse duty and we were both working so and when we did get some free time, one or the other wasn't free to chat. As the holidays continued, we both started realize that actually, if we thought of each other as friends then we wouldn't be pining for each other quite so much as we were......

I returned to university a few days before the new year and saw the new year in with my essays alone in my halls. I did get a chat with Debbie but understandably, she was busy with various family members who were round that night to celebrate! The next 5 days or so until she returned were pretty hell-ish without my best friend so when the day arrived, I was bouncing off the walls with excitement. As soon as I got the text through saying her Dad had departed, I raced around to her house with my blow up mattress straight away. As soon as I saw her I wasn't thinking 'there's my best friend!', I was thinking 'there's the woman I love' and when I hugged her, I finally realized it... So now I was in a predicament! Here I was the good little church girl going to uni getting her degree expected to come out with a decent, reliable but essentially boring boyfriend who I would eventually get round to marrying but instead I'd fallen in love with my FEMALE best friend.... Considering that I'd never been out with a girl, let alone had feelings for one, this was a bit of a shock to the system!

As January progressed, we got closer until mid-January when we kissed. It was nothing much at all but it was enough for me to freak out a little! You see, at the time, I had no idea that she liked me in that way Although I knew I liked her very much, I had never kissed a girl before so I sought the advice of a very good friend who I knew would understand. A week later, Debbie came round to my house after going to a concert to see her inspiration Alison Balsom. We finally talked and admitted what we'd known all along; That we were starting to fall for each other. The next morning (after the night before!), we decided to.... Well, become friends with benefits!

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