Thursday, 7 November 2013

A new life....

The 22nd September 2012 dawned a bright and hopeful day for us and all freshers making the journey to Canterbury that morning especially those that had an early check-in like us! Although we had different halls, we were in contact via text all day saying 'where are you?! Are you there yet?!' ..... While we were both settling in at our respective houses, our father's made the long trek back to Dorset and Surrey; They could have even passed each other on the motorway home along with all the other weary father's dropping off their children! We always knew when we passed a fresher going down to Canterbury as the heavy laden and ruined suspension-ed cars with a parent or two in tow were a familiar sight on the way down! The next morning, we both made our separate ways over to Augustine House where we were joined the long queue of students bringing documents to get registered properly and I finally found Debbie by leaning over the first floor railing and shouting 'I'm up here!' Such a student!

Over the term there were ups and downs for both of us, but somehow, we got through the term and probably wouldn't have if we hadn't got each other. We made it to December and the Departmental Christmas Ball...... We both got very drunk but surprisingly sober by the end of the night although I don't think anyone has done the macarena QUITE as energetically as me! The term then rounded up very quickly finishing off with me falling down some steps in the cathedral and ending up in the back of an ambulance trundling my way to A&E!

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